Our Pricing and Payments

Our flexible pricing strategy is designed to suit the size of your assignment, the level of difficulty and the urgency with which its required.

All services start with a base price per page. The base price is then adjusted according to the urgency of the assignment and the level of the work required. The price payable is therefore dependent on the turnaround time (i.e. when you would like the completed work available) and whether the work is pitched at Honors, Masters or Doctoral level. In short, the shorter the turnaround time, the higher the price. Upward price adjustments is also applicable as the academic level increases.

You can choose turnaround times from a 7 day, 10day, 20 day, 30 day to a 60 day deadline. Use the user-friendly pricing calculator to obtain a quote for your requirement. Please note that you can contact us directly if the present deadlines do not suit your requirement.


DissertationsZA will create a billing account for you as soon as you have registered. You are required to make to payments as follows: The first payment (50% of the total price) when you order a service and the second payment upon delivery of the completed work. Please note that work on your assignment will not commence until the receipt of the first payment. Also, the completed work will not be available for download until you have paid in the remaining 50%.

Accepted Payment Methods

You can settle your account using most of the popular credit card facilities available on the market. You can also pay by Electronic Transfer payment (EFT). Please note that paying via EFT will delay the delivery of your work as banks normally require a few days to process the EFT. Work will only commence once the EFT is reflected in our accounts. Contact us directly if you wish to pay using a direct bank deposit.

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Our Team

DissertationsZA is well resourced with experienced writers/reviewers whose expertise cover a wide range of subject areas. Our team of writers has high intellectual capital in their respective fields of specialisation.

Our Process

Our work-fulfillment process is built on a robust platform which enables you to choose your service, affect the required payment, interact with your assigned consultant and finally receive the completed work - no matter your location!

Our Commitments

DissertationsZA's service delivery is underpinned by four core values - high academic standards, anti-plagiarism, prompt service and confidentiality.