Academic Editing Service

Still not confident that your paper measures up to compliance standards which has to be met? Our service range from simple formatting to services related to the technical quality. All academics papers follow a standard organization pattern and have to be presented in a specific referencing style. Based on your instructions and specifications DissertationsZA will ensure that your paper meets the requirements your paper has to meet.

Our services range from formatting services to stylistic services and everything in between. Maybe you just need a better way to present or phrase certain points so their impact is clear. Are you puzzled with how to effectively incorporate charts and graphs into your dissertation? We can give you the confidence of having a professional review your paper from start to finish. Our editing service can help you!

We will review your paper for every possible editing problem.

Our editing professionals offer a variety of services in the areas of style and format. They include:

Sentence Structure: checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency and appropriateness of verb tenses, meaning of each sentence clear, sentence structure appropriate, all sentences connect to each other, do paper follow a pattern, smooth transitions between paragraphs.

Chapter structure: clear introduction, thesis clearly stated in introduction, discussion conclusion, logical chapter structure.

Paragraph structure: controlling ideas, clear logical order of paragraphs, does each paragraph stick to one single idea, connection between paragraphs, flow of thoughts.

Content layout: in-depth review of your subject matter, appropriate thesis, logical convincing points support the thesis, argument development, no repetition of ideas, are any statements misleading, supporting points are in a logical order and logical conclusions with no new or superfluous information.

Style: the use of passive voice, use of unnecessary words (e.g. “be that as it may”, “in the final analysis”, “for the most part”, etc.)

References: formatting of citations, references and footnotes according to your requested style guide; source information is introduced, source information is integrated, includes appropriate bibliography, citations, quotations, parenthetical citations, and works cited pages, bibliographies, footnotes and endnote:  Referencing to include:

1.       ACS- American Chemical Society

2.       AIP- American Institute of Physics

3.       APA-American Psychological Association

4.       Chicago-University of Chicago Press

5.       Harvard- Harvard University

6.       IEEE-Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers

7.       MLA-Modern Language Association

8.       Oxford

9.       Turabian-based on the Chicago Style

10.   Vancouver

Proofreading: Being immersed in a single piece of work for prolonged periods of time, makes it difficult to read it without bias and mistakes can be hard to detect. If you are a seasoned writer and only require services limited to correcting of spelling errors, grammar, punctuation and typing errors then this service comes highly recommended.

Our academic editing service does not include:
  • Any additional research that is not already included
  • Finishing more that than 40% of any paper
  • Calculations, estimations or solving problems
  • Researching or including additional sources