Research Proposal writing

The research proposal is the first and most important step of the entire academic process. Research proposal writing is an art in itself, and the proposal must capture the attention of your advisors - and must be thorough, detailed, and convincing enough so that your advisors will approve your concept. In addition to outlining your research strategy and your main academic premise, it is also a document meant to convince.

Writing the thesis proposal calls for combining a convincing argument, appealing to the special interests and sensibilities of the advisors, and laying out a cohesive and logical strategy that will support your thesis topic. The proposal itself is often a lengthy document and may take months to prepare, and if the proposal is not perfect and your supposition not grounded in adequate research, you will be sent back to the drawing board to start over again.

The best path to academic success is to start your proposal from the very beginning with professional assistance. Before you even begin to write your proposal, you will need, guidance and advice on creating the proposal. Professionals who are accustomed to academic writing and research can be a valuable resource in creating a thesis proposal that will dazzle your advisors, and get approved the first time around. DissertationsZA's staff of seasoned academic professionals has been through the process successfully, time and time again. They know what to expect, and they know what your advisors are looking for.

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