Our Process

Our online work-fulfillment process is built on a solid project management platform which enables you follow progress towards the completion of your assignment.  The platform is a comprehensive online system through which you  choose your required service, affect payment, interact with the assigned consultant and finally receive the completed work - no matter where you are located.  

The project management functionality gives a clear indication of all the tasks involved with the fulfillment of your requirement, presented in a schedule with start and end dates for each task.  This enables DissertationsZA to ensure that your assignment is delivered timeously which in turn helps you to meet your own deadlines.

All communication is conducted via our built-in messaging functionality.  Clients are not able to communicate directly with assigned writers/editors/consultants. We 100% guarantee your confidentiality! We never allow your personal information to pass to any third party and no one will know your business. We realize confidentiality is the foundation of trust. So you can order with complete confidence knowing that your information is safe and secure! Your assigned consultant will never know your actual identity and contact details as this is not published anywhere on the system.  Secure logins ensure that only authorised users have access to your project page.

Although the process followed differs from service to service, a generic work-fulfillment process includes the following steps:

  1. Your start by choosing a service that you require. This could be a writing, editing or statistical help service. Simple forms assist you with specifying the scope and nature of the assignment such as:
    • The number of pages involved;
    • The expected delivery date; and
    • The subject matter or field of study.
  2. After specifying the work you will be given an online price estimate. If you are happy with the offer you proceed to place an order.
  3. Once payment has been processed your assignment will be registered as a project on our system indicating the projected start and end-dates.
  4. A consultant with a PhD and experience relevant to your subject area is then assigned to complete the work.
  5. Use the project interface to upload any documents that your consultant may need to fulfill the assignment.
  6. Use our online messaging system to communicate with your consultant whilst the work is progressing.
  7. The completed work is uploaded to the project page from where it can be downloaded by the client.

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Our Team

DissertationsZA is well resourced with experienced writers/reviewers whose expertise cover a wide range of subject areas. Our team of writers has high intellectual capital in their respective fields of specialisation.

Our Commitments

DissertationsZA's service delivery is underpinned by four core values - high academic standards, anti-plagiarism, prompt service and confidentiality.