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Rewriting your draft proposal's Research Question, Study Design and Research Methodology in compliance with academic best practices.
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Deadline Honours Masters Doctoral
2 Months
R34,20 (pp)
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R54,72 (pp)
20 Days
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R51,87 (pp)
R59,28 (pp)
10 Days
R47,88 (pp)
R55,86 (pp)
R63,84 (pp)
7 Days
R51,30 (pp)
R59,85 (pp)
R68,40 (pp)
5 Days
R54,72 (pp)
R63,84 (pp)
R72,96 (pp)
3 Days
48 Hours

It should be clear from the outset that Dissertationsza does not provide a ghostwriting service. Our writing services are intended to assist customers who has English as a second language and who needs assistance with crafting well prsented documents in this language.

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