Online academic editing made simple

Mar 16, 2021

An offline service would typically entail the client making a phone call and have all enquiries answered by a warm body on the other end of the line.  This is very personal, but it is also expensive. Online ordering is very efficient, but lacks the personal interaction accompanying offline ordering.  To counter this deficiency an online service must be transparent and comprehensive.  It should anticipate any query that may arise and which would be dealth with effectively during offline ordering.

Online academic editing services are generally more convenient and less expensive.  This advantage is however quickly eroded if it cannot replicate the user-friendly nature associated with its brick-and-mortar counterpart. To achieve any measure of user-friendliness, an online academic editing service must at a minimum have the following characteristics:
The service must have clerly deliniated steps and clients must be at aware of the current step of the transaction;
Clients should have the option to opt out of the transaction at any stage before a commitment is confirmed through payment;
Email communications should be sent to the client at the completion of critical steps to provide a record of the transaction; and
All steps, from quote generation to delivery, should be clear to the client before a firm commitment is made.

DissertationsZA is proud of its highly intuitive user interface.  The quote generation step is clearly separated from the order placement step.  A quote is emailed to the client for offline consideration.  If acceptable, this quote can later be used to place the order. The order is only generated when the first payment is made.   If a client does not want to proceed with the first payment, not commitment is registered and the client can opt out.

A project page is created for each assignment.  The client can track progess on this page and can also use it to interact with the editor while the work is being executed.  DissertationsZA makes use of an extensive email notification system to keep client abreast of all the happenings on the project.

This simplification of these complex processes enable DissertationsZA to present a sophisticated yet elegant online academic editing service.