Selecting an online academic editing service

Mar 8, 2021

Like so many personal services, academic editing has gone online in a big way with many editors promoting their offering in this way.  While generally a good thing, the multitude of online services present a writer with a difficult decision as to which to choose. What are the factors to consider when making this choice.

The first factor to consider is professionalism.  On one level this means that the editors are not only experienced as editors, but that that they also have academic qualifications in the field or a related field of the subject. Subject matter editors have the ability to edit beyond the language and to spot mistakes or errors which a language only editor will not be able to pick up.

On another level profesionalism has to do with the service delivery itself.  How are manuscripts submitted and how is completed work delivered.  Is there a way for clients to follow progress on work done? How are prices set and is it transparent? How are payments done.  A professional academic editing service will offer all these functionalities online, achieving end-to-end service delivery.

The second factor to consider is whether the service is ethical. Ethics is one of the corner stone in academia.  It is not outside the realm of possibilities that an editor could use the work of a writer without accreditation or permission.  You academic editing service should have non-disclosure agreements with it editors preventing them from using writers' work in this way.

Lastly, your chosen academic editing service shoud be committed to preserve the privacy of it clients.  Clients' identities and or their work should under no circumstances be published by the service or made available to third parties.

DissertationsZA provides a professional, ethical and confidential online academic editing service.  Clients can rest assured that their manuscripts will be handled with the unmost care in all these departments.