To each according to his or her requirements

Mar 9, 2021

An academic editing service is a personal service.  It is unique for every client with specific requirements differing from assignment to assignment.  The academic editing service you choose must be able to deliver a bespoke service in accordance with your needs.

At DissertationsZA we allow clients to specify their requirements up front.  This allows us to determine the cost involved with the assignment and to determine which editor to assign the work to.

Cost determining requirements

Depending on the clients specifications, these requirements will either decrease or increase the cost of the assignment.

  • The length of the assignment: The client specifies the maximum number of words for the assignment.  This forms the base cost for the assignment as costs are first charged per word. The higher the number of words the higher the cost.
  • The turnaround time: The client specifies the date by which the edited manuscript should be delivered. The shorter the turnaround time, the higher the cost.
  • The academic level: The targetted academic qualification for which the work is to be submitted. The higher the academic level, the higher the cost.

Editor determining requirements

The choices selected by the client will be used to assign the work to the most suitable editor.

  • Citation style: The client specifies the citation style used in the manuscript.
  • The editing level: The client has a choice between Standard and Advanced editing level. Standard editing includes proofreading for grammatical errors such as tense, capitalisation, punctuation and spelling. Advanced editing goes beyond standard editing and include reviewing sentence organisation, paragraph ordering and document flow. The objective is to facilitate overall document readability and clearity.
  • The document type for the manuscript: The client specifies whether the document is an academic paper meant for publishing in a journal, a thesis or dissertation towards an academic qualification or whether it is an assignment done as part of course work.
  • The subject area: The client selects a subject area from a list of supplied fields of study. This enables DissertationsZA to match the assignment with an editor having the best skills set.

Not only does the requirement specification facilitate cost determination and editor selection, but it also serves as basis for the contract between service provider and client. It become a point of reference for any potential future dispute between the parties.