Our Process

The platform is a comprehensive online system through which you choose your required service, affect payment, interact with the assigned editor and finally receive the completed work.

Our Process

Our online work-fulfillment process is built on a solid project management platform which enables you follow progress towards the completion of your assignment. The platform is a comprehensive online system through which you choose your required service, affect payment, interact with the assigned editor and finally receive the completed work - no matter where you are located.

The project management functionality gives a clear indication of all the tasks involved with the fulfillment of your requirement, presented in a schedule with start and end dates for each task. This enables DissertationsZA to ensure that your assignment is delivered timeously which in turn helps you to meet your own deadlines.

All communication is conducted via our built-in messaging functionality. Clients are not able to communicate directly with assigned writers/editors/consultants. We 100% guarantee your confidentiality! We never allow your personal information to pass to any third party and no one will know your business. We realise confidentiality is the foundation of trust. So you can order with complete confidence knowing that your information is safe and secure! The client's name is never revealed to the assigned editor. Secure logins ensure that only authorised users have access to your project page.

Our work-fulfillment process includes the following steps:

  • The client generates an online quote by:
    • Specifying the target academic level of the manuscript;
    • Choosing one of the predefined turn-around-times;
    • Choosing the editing level (standard or advanced);
    • Specifying the number of words in the manuscript;
  • The client also specifies aditional information which is not used in cost calculation. This includes:
    • The language used in the manuscript;
    • The subject area involved;
    • The citation style followed; and
    • The document type.
  • The client is then presented with a quotation which includes:
    • The total cost for the project;
    • The number of payments required; and
    • The specifications supplied by the client;
  • The client can accept the quotation immediately by proceeding to make the initial payment;
  • The client can also accept the quotation later by clicking on the link send after the quote has been generated;
  • A project page is created for the client after the initial payment has been made succefully;
  • The client can the upload the manuscript. Please note that the delivery date will be calculated based on the date that the manuscript was uploaded;
  • An editor is appointed for the project based on the subject area and academic level speified by the client;
  • The client can use the project page to post comments and enquiries for the attention of the editor;
  • The system will send regular notifications about progress and payments due to the client via email;
  • Editing work is completed in batches in line with the number of payments determined for the project;
  • A project can have one or more payments linked to it;
  • The following process is followed for projects with more than one payment;
    • The client makes the first payment after which the editor completes a proportional part of the assignement;
    • This means 25% of the work in the case of 4 payments or 50% for two payments;
    • The partly completed work is then uploaded by the editor;
    • The client then makes the next payment before the editor proceeds with the next part of the work;
    • This process is followed until all the payments have been made and the final document has been uploaded;
  • The completed work remains on the project page for seven days after the final submission; and
  • After this the document will be deleted from our servers.